recent thrift shopping haul (+cheap amazon clothes)

hey frens! welcome back to christina and camera, this week I’ll be sharing some recent thrift store finds and also some inexpensive clothes from amazon! if you like seeing cute clothes keep reading πŸ™‚

I went to some thrift stores about a month ago with a friend and also ordered some clothes from amazon around the same time! a couple weeks ago I also purchased another item from a thrift shop (it was actually online, I’ll talk more about it later!) so I decided to do a little haul in this post.

plato’s closet

I got a couple things at plato’s closet that I love!

simple dark wash jean skirt that would be super cute in fall! the brand is old navy and I got it for $8 with the tags still on!
these are levis with the tags still on and I’ve literally worn them every day since I got them lol. also $8

small thrift store

we also went to a small thrift store (not a chain) and I got a pair of jeans there! the fitting rooms were closed and I couldn’t try them on so I’m super surprised they fit me!

I love the wash and they are a little big in the waist/long but I don’t really mind!

instagram thrift shop

I also got something from a thrift store on instagram – if you’re looking for an easy way to thrift shop from your phone I would highly recommend searching on instagram. I follow a ton of great accounts so if you want a list dm me!

these are the pants I got! they were $14 with shipping but they’re super cute and perfect for the beach or summertime. they’re very lightweight and comfy and I might even wear them as pajamas lol.


I know this doesn’t count exactly as thrift shopping but I did get a couple of clothing items from amazon that I love!

I got both the skirt and shirt from amazon! the shirt is pretty sheer so I’d recommend wearing a tank top or something underneath. I got the skirt in an extra small (I think) and it was WAYYY big in the waist so I got my grandma to bring it in with elastic. It’s still a little big so I’d definitely size down with this one. also I’m 5’4 and it’s a bit long on me so if you’re shorter than me or my same height be aware that it will definitely hit your knee/come below your knee.

shirt – $15 now but $13 when I bought it (the prices change on these items ALLL the time so I’d wait a few days)

skirt – it’s now $40 but when I ordered it it was wayy cheaper so again I’d watch the price

the last item is these adidas pants! they’re super comfy and I wear them all the time. I got an xs and they are a bit long on me and baggy in the waist area (this happens with most things though). again depending on your height they’ll fit you different.

pants – $30 now and I think when I got them they were the same! pretty inexpensive and they’re a wardrobe staple for sure!

have you shopped at the thrift store recently? what did you get? have you ever bought clothes on amazon? chat with me in the comments!


23 thoughts on “recent thrift shopping haul (+cheap amazon clothes)

  1. Yay for the thrift store! We don’t have them in the UK, instead we have charity shops, but they’re the same sorta thing. Buying second hand is how I source all of my clothes. I don’t buy fast fashion because of its implications on the planet. I’m trying to find a way to give money to the poorly treated garment workers around the world without buying fast fashion. I have so much more learning to do! x

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    1. Thrift shopping is the best! and omg I admire that so much! I reallyyyy want to not buy any fast fashion but I’m definitely not there yet haha. You should write a post about that on your blog! Or I’d love to hear about it on here if you wanted to write a guest post! Have a wonderful day!

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      1. It was pretty easy for me to boycott fast fashion, I’m not very fashionable and I wasn’t buying it much in the first place. Actually my friend Ava wrote a really good post about fast fashion on my blog! I will for sure do my own post but that’s one is there for the basic information. Have a wonderful day too! x

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      2. For me, the main thing is the cost because I’m honestly kinda broke and fast fashion is way cheaper! But it’s definitely a goal of mine! Ooh I’ll check out the post!

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