recent attempts at digital art (ft. me not knowing what I’m doing) and inspo

hey frens! recently I’ve seen a ton of digital art on instagram and pinterest so I decided to try my hand at it. I’m not an artist but it is a ton of fun!! in this post I’ll be sharing a couple of my digital art attempts, some examples/inspo, accounts to follow if you want to see more, and the supplies I used!!

little note: i’m actually traveling rn and have a ton of back to back trips so I won’t be able to answer comments or respond to emails right away. sorry about that! this post is scheduled in advance and there will only be one post a week for the next couple weeks but as soon as I get back we’ll be back to the normal content schedule! xo christina

what is digital art? + examples and inspo

if you’re a little confused about what digital art is, let me share some examples! basically, its turning a picture into a drawing! a lot of etsy shops have been doing this lately and I think it’s super cute!

this picture isn’t mine (via:

here are some more examples from instagram (links included so go check out all the links!)

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hi everyone! here’s a little illustration I made that hopefully brightens your Tuesday ♡ it’s truly been forever since I’ve posted and I promise I have reasons! here’s a little recap of behind-the-scenes things I have been working on: . ✨ illustrations like this one! i’ve recently found a new passion of creating illustrations like these. my inspirations at the moment include @isabelaschielkestudio for pretty lettering and for her gorgeous fashion illustrations! . ✨i’ve been trying to explore my own photography style and would love to learn how to shoot pretty product photos! @sellyttn always amazes me each day with her beautiful product photos ♡ also I’d love to similarly feature more skincare/beauty products here with design and roses! . ✨ working on professional graphic designing with brands. i’ve been doing designs from hand sanitizer labels to informational product flyers for @valleyveterinarians. i’ve done rebranding for companies as well as photography shoots in the evenings! It’s been crazy, but I really love it. . ✨ rebranding design & roses! the way design & roses’ website has grown over the past year always surprises me. I would never had expected that in a year I would be able to work with ad partnerships from Newcastle, U.K. and talk with Pinterest’s personal team on exclusive features on their site! every day I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do all these things and enjoy it so much ♡ . . . . . . . . #stayhome #stayinghome #digitalillustration #illustration #fashionillustration #adobeillustrator #adobe #adobedraw

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summatime ✨🌱🌊🍊

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hahaha after sharing these you’re going to see mine and be so disappointed!! i’m not an artist AT ALL and my supplies aren’t ideal (I’ll share more about that later) but I tried lol.


all the artists featured (i’m pretty sure) did their drawings on an ipad with procreate and an apple pencil. i don’t have any of those so I used my phone (which is super old and tiny so the screen size isn’t optimal for drawing) and my finger but it still works! I used the free app adobe draw (it’s not the best but it works) for mine.

ahhh i’m honestly embarrassed to show mine but whatever! these are the first two I’ve ever made and I’m sure they’ll get better lol. plus my supplies aren’t that good soo

made a couple lil timelapses for y’all! honestly like I said I’m not super proud of these two but I wanted to share! no hate lol

love yall! see you next week 🙂

25 thoughts on “recent attempts at digital art (ft. me not knowing what I’m doing) and inspo

  1. I love this new trend of stencilling photos and turning them into graphics! I do digital art for my sticker shop that I’m hoping to launch soon. It’s not anything like this though! I use do little doodles and stuff like that, for bullet journals. You’ve done such a good job for first attempts! Enjoy your trip – but stay super safe x

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    1. it’s so cute! I’m not the best at it haha I wish! Ooh that sounds so cool, I’ll be sure to check it out once you launch it! and thank you so much!!

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