breakfast ideas (yummy, healthy, and simple)

hey guys! I’ve been trying to eat breakfast more often these days since I have more time in the mornings and these are some of the things I’ve tried that are yummy and healthy but also super simple! I put a time estimate for each of them in case you need to know how much time it would take, but they all should be pretty easy/quick.

note: all pictures are from pinterest and are not owned by me! πŸ’›

peanut butter toast or bagel (est: 5 minutes)

this is one of my favorite breakfasts because it’s super easy but gives me lots of energy for the day! you could sub peanut butter for any other nut butter or spread if you don’t like or can’t have peanut butter. you can also use a bagel or any type of bread or even a tortilla!

eggs and toast (est: 15 minutes)

the only picture I could find of this was this super fancy shaped egg but you totally don’t have to do that! you can make your egg however you want (I usually make a scrambled egg which takes 5-10 minutes) and do more than one.

yogurt (est: 5 minutes)

Yogurt is one of my absolute favorite breakfasts! soo good. I usually use strawberry yogurt and add a little granola and fresh strawberries, but you can really add all sorts of things to it.

fresh fruit (est: 15 minutes)

if I’m not feeling super hungry or I’m having breakfast later in the morning, this is my go to. it might take a little longer because you have to cut up the fruit, but it’s still really easy and can also be a good snack. just cut up different fresh fruits and put them in a bowl!

smoothie bowl (est:15 minutes)

smoothie bowls are so good! our blender is really old (we need to get a new one) and doesn’t blend super well so I don’t have them very often but they’re one of my favorites when I do. make a smoothie (here is a post I found with tips for making a thick smoothie) and then add toppings (my favorites: any fresh fruits, coconut, nut butter, and granola) and voila!

what have you been eating for breakfast lately? do you like any of these ideas?

🌻 love, christina

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31 thoughts on “breakfast ideas (yummy, healthy, and simple)

  1. Yummy!! Those breakfast ideas sound delicious. ❀ I usually just eat cold cereal for breakfast; it's easiest to fix! πŸ˜‰ Once in a while we'll have pancakes, bacon, and muffins or something like that. It's always a treat!


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    1. my family loves eggs too! I usually am not super hungry in the morning but I’ve been trying to eat breakfast a lot more because then I find I don’t snack as much πŸ’›

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  2. Aahhh eggs, toast and yoghurt has to be the best breakfast everrr. They’re such a classic and I never get bored.πŸ€—β€πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ€€
    Really cool post!! 🀩 X

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  3. Love these ideas! πŸ˜‹ Haven’t had eggs on toast for ages and now I really want to again for breakfast tomorrow! Have always thought smoothie bowls look so pretty πŸ“ Great post! πŸ’•

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  4. Delicious! For breakfast I usually just eat the same cereal 🀣 Right now I’m fasting but once it’s over I’ll definitely give some of these recipies a try! A tip I learnt is when you make eggs on toast if you used poached eggs it’s sooo much healthier and it tastes good! Keep doing what you’re doing πŸ’—

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    1. cereal can be soo good too, it’s definitely a breakfast staple for me too. that is a great tip, thank you so much for sharing! I will try it. and thank you so much πŸ’›πŸ’› have a great day!


  5. My fiance said that this reminded him while living in Canada and after a party, the next morning everyone would meet for egg in a hole (Egg in the middle of a cutout hole in toast) at the house of the party.

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    1. yes!! thanks for asking! peanut butter toast is a go to (and you don’t need to put banana on it), I love eggs, avacado is so yummy as well, and a bagel with cream cheese is also great!

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