quotes for your monday: change and growth

hey guys! today I’m sharing some motivational (and pretty) quotes for your monday that I found on pinterest. I love these kind of posts personally so I decided to do one for you guys πŸ’› I think I’m actually going to be starting a series of these every couple mondays with pretty and encouraging quotes πŸ™‚

today I wanted to focus especially on change and growth. we are all changing and growing especially as christians to be more like Christ. but sometimes we expect that change will happen right away and get disappointed when it doesn’t. change takes time and patience, so if you don’t see growth right away don’t get dishearted and give up. keep trusting πŸ’›

now for the pictures! these are all from pinterest :))

my key thought for the day! save this as your wallpaper if you need a reminder throughout the day 🌻













I hope you all have a lovely monday and a wonderful week! let me know if you like this new series πŸ’›

πŸ’› change takes time, christina


27 thoughts on “quotes for your monday: change and growth

  1. Awww such a cute post! Also, hey Christina! I hope that you are well today! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Food award! You can learn more by checking out my latest post. I hope that you choose to make a post on it, but you totally don’t have to feel pressured to make one! Just thought it’d be a fun thing to share! xD – Hailey ; )

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  2. Awesome you should definitely start a series of this every couple of Monday’s!!! My favourite is the one that says change takes time because it’s true! As long as we work towards our goal we can change!! What was your favourite quote??

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    1. thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed and I will definitely make it a series. I totally agree, we can’t expect to change overnight or achieve our goals right away. my personal favorite is the one that said we can always begin again because that is so true and encouraging! even when we mess up or fail we can always begin again every day. hope you have a great day! πŸ’›πŸ’›


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