my favorite apps (for teen girls)

hey guys! how is your day going? today I’m sharing my favorite apps on my phone! let me know your favorite apps below 👇👇

note: I have an iphone so all of these are available on the app store for ios for free :)) I think most of them are also available on androids or other types of phones as well but I’m not completely sure! 

instagram is one of my favorite apps but I’m a little too addicted to it! I have a personal account and a blog account (@christinaandcamera, go check it out if you have insta!) and I think it’s a great way to keep up with people you might not know super closely (but what they post isn’t their everyday life so don’t feel down when you only see the highs in other people’s lives – they have lows too! a little ted talk lol)

pinterest is super inspiring and a great way to find your aesthetic for life (which sounds weird but if you have pinterest you know what I mean!) I love pinning meal and outfit ideas, hairstyles, quotes, pictures that inspire and motivate me for the future, and bible journaling ideas.

check out my pinterest and give it a follow for all the things I mentioned! I try to keep my pinterest feed full of inspiring and encouraging things 💛

workout for women – this app is great for workouts! if you don’t like workout videos but just want to do the moves this app works great and they have several free plans as well as tons of workouts for free! they have workouts with varying amounts of time and intensity (like beginner, intermediate, and advanced).

flo – since I’m pretty sure most of my followers are ladies, this app is a great tracker for that time of the month! I haven’t tried others (I’ve heard of clue mostly and several other ones) but this one works great for me! you can customize your settings and it sends you a notification a few days before so that you can be prepared with everything you need. you can also track any symptoms (like cramps or headaches) and view a calendar of when you’ll be getting it for the next few months which is super helpful for me.

wordpress – I don’t blog on my phone usually  because I’m not the best at typing out posts on my little screen (my phone is pretty small!) but sometimes I like reading posts on the go so I have the app on my phone!

minted truth – this app is for teen girls and has some of the best free devotionals ever that I love! they have a lot of great topical studies and also studies on different books of the bible. they vary in length and are really just super good! I would totally recommend this app for any christian teen girls who are looking for good devos.

bible – this one is pretty obvious but I have the bible app and I love it! they have some amazing plans and I just like being able to have the bible on my phone and do highlights on it and stuff.

color story – I just discovered this photo editing app and they have some great filters! you have to buy a lot of the more custom nice ones but they have some simple ones that look great so if you like using filters I would recommend this app.

vsco – I love this app for photo editing! it’s super simple but you can save your own presets and edit your photos really easily. I don’t love their filters personally (for most of the pictures I take they just don’t work!) but they do have some cute ones so I would check it out. If you do any photo editing at all I would totally recommend this app!

duolingo – I’m currently learning Spanish on this app and it’s great for beginner language learning and they have tons of different languages! if you’re just beginning to learn a new language I would try this app.

hoopla – this app goes with my library and it’s great to read books for free! if your library has this I would recommend it – for my library they don’t have a ton of books but sometimes I’ve been surprised and they’ve had something I want to read!

podcasts – this is kind of an afterthought and it’s just an apple app but I have been enjoying podcasts! I don’t keep up with them very well but sometimes I like downloading them before a road or plane trip. let me know your favorite podcast in the comments!

what’s your favorite app on your phone? do you have any of these apps? do you like podcasts?

💛 have a lovely day, christina


22 thoughts on “my favorite apps (for teen girls)

  1. I can spend hours on end on Pinterest and WordPress so, there probably the apps I use the most 😉 I don’t have the Bible app on my phone but, that’s such a great idea and I will look into it;) Duolingo is great for learning and keeps me motivated throughout the day, Lovely post!

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  2. Ooh yes I use most of these! I follow you on instagram! Yes, I’ve heard of Flo but personally I’ve used Clue! I will definitely download the wordpress app as I’m currently making a switch from blogger to wordpress so I’ll use the app! Oooh you should try colour therapy! It’s amazing as you can publish your posts so more people can see them too!

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  3. cool post! I was actually planning on doing a post similar to this soon. I love Guitar Tabs (it has the chords to a ton of songs) and the Bible app and ProCreate 🙂

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  4. I use most of these apps and I’m so glad you mentioned Workout for Women. I have been loving that app for a month and it really helps me to track my workout exercises. 😊 I have been seeing Flo in my Facebook ads for a very long time though I haven’t really downloaded it. Learning Spanish is SO cool!! I have used Duolingo too for my Italian classes back in 11th grade! 😊 I’m thinking to learn again!

    Thank you so much for sharing. I loved this post! ❤️✨

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    1. that is awesome! I really like workout for women too 🙂 ooh, you should try it. I just started using it like 6 months ago but it is really helpful for me. 💛

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  5. Hi christina. I love hoopla tooooo!! I also have overdrive which has even more books so if you have both there aren’t many books you cant get. Its through the library too so I would check it out if you don’t have it.

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