54 things to do when you’re bored (at home because quarantine)

hey guys! I’m sure we’ve all had our share of boredom recently, since we’re all stuck at home now. In this list, I tried to include things that maybe weren’t super obvious (but a couple really obvious ones too!)

note: I’m only going to be posting once a week for a while :)) just fyi ❀

here are some ways you could use this list:

  • going through in order whenever you feel bored! this is what I think I’m going to do and you can always skip ones you don’t have the supplies for (but I tried to make them all really easy and everyone can do them!)
  • just picking a random one and doing it (which is pretty obvious but still really fun!). you could cross them off with a cute highlighter or marker and see how many you can do
  • some might take longer than others and there’s no specific time for any of them. so it might take you 10 minutes or 2 hours! it really just depends :))
  • you could also make your own bored list with things specific to you once you finish this one! and you can also repeat it if you fill the whole thing up ❀

without further ado… 54 things to do when you’re bored (at home!)

  1. learn a new musical instrument
  2. take any brit + co class for free (they have so many amazing ones!) with the code SELFCARE
  3. Β start a blog
  4. online shop
  5. clean/organize your room
  6. learn a new language
  7. start a new playlist
  8. try a new makeup look
  9. read a book
  10. start writing a short story or even a novel
  11. start (or pick back up) a journal
  12. redecorate your room
  13. unfollow accounts on social media (ones that don’t inspire or encourage or you just don’t want to follow anymore!)
  14. clean out your email/unsubscribe to email lists
  15. make a bucket list for your life
  16. organize your pinterest boards
  17. take pictures
  18. earn some money
  19. find sidewalk chalk and make cool designs
  20. decorate your chargers with washi tape
  21. make a bullet journal or planner spread
  22. write a letter/get a pen pal
  23. make your own family newsletter
  24. start a garden
  25. make a list (type a people like me – this one is for you! I made a list of lists to make πŸ˜‚)
  26. work out
  27. paint your nails
  28. try handlettering or a new style of art
  29. work ahead on school
  30. clean the house
  31. make a meal planning pinterest board and plan some yummy meals!
  32. perfect the art of making your favorite drink (like what you always get at starbucks – learn how to make it at home!)
  33. lay out cute new outfits and take pictures of them for later
  34. create your own game (it could be a card game, board game, or really anything!)
  35. cook or bake something
  36. practice for a sport
  37. find out your hogwarts house (ravenclaw forever πŸ’™)
  38. watch a movie
  39. write book reviews for your favorite books
  40. make a wishlist for your next birthday
  41. clean out/organize your closet
  42. go for a walk
  43. download tiktok and learn a new dance (this app is addicting though like I’m not even kidding… you really have to limit it or you will spend four hours plus watching tiktoks)
  44. take selfies
  45. write a letter to your past or future self
  46. make friendship bracelets
  47. stalk (but not really) childhood/camp friends and see how they’re doing!
  48. design your dream prom dres
  49. call a random number (not really, but look up fun numbers to call like 605-475-6961Β for hogwarts!)
  50. print out adult coloring pages and have some fun
  51. learn how to draw your favorite emoji
  52. make labels for stuff in your room
  53. have a tea party with yourself
  54. make your own quizzes for your friends

I hope you guys have fun with this list! I had so much fun making it ❀

❀ stuck at home, christina


21 thoughts on “54 things to do when you’re bored (at home because quarantine)

  1. Yesssss Ravenclaw! πŸ’™ I used to be a Gryffindor but redid the quiz and found out I’m actually Ravenclaw! It kinda makes sense Luna Lovegood is my favourite! Omg I’m literally about to work out right now! 😁 You should do a whole post on easy ways to work out in quarantine!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes go ravenclaw!!! Ahh same the first time I did the test I was gryffindor but ravenclaw fits me so well πŸ’™ thanks so much for the post idea that sounds super cool and I will totally do it!!


    1. aww thanks so much!! you should! I have done some and they are great if you have some extra time. thanks so much and hugs to you too ❀❀❀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not the best at it either! I’m a leftie which makes it hard but if you keep trying and find some cute things to copy from pinterest it makes it easier! I would love to see what you’re able to create πŸ’›

      Liked by 1 person

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