the spring 2020 q + a 🌻

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h e l l o   t h e r e !

happy monday, guys!! I hope you’re having a lovely day. me – I can’t wait for spring break! I only have to push through this week (though it does include a math test, presentation in front of the class, history paper, and more) and then I get a week off 😊

these posts are actually some of my favorites to post and engage with on other people’s blogs and the questions are always really fun to answer so I’m really excited for this one.

I really don’t have any rules/guidelines and I will try and be as transparent/honest with you guys as possible! You can ask me juicy questions if you like lol  😂 but if anything has to do with my specific location I can’t share sadly 😦 and of course if your question is really out there I probably won’t answer but I don’t think any of you guys need to worry lol.

please ask as many questions as possible and I will try to answer all of them! the q and a will probably be after spring break  so you do have a couple weeks to send in questions. thank you guys so much!!

you can submit questions by emailing me at, dming me on insta at _christinaraquel, or commenting on this blog post!

🌻 love, christina


13 thoughts on “the spring 2020 q + a 🌻

  1. YAY! I love q and a’s! Here’s my questions!
    Who your favorite blogger?
    What’s your favorite Starbucks drink?
    Are you more of a dog or cat person?
    Do you like the snow?

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  2. Awesome can’t wait to see the answers! Here are my questions!
    1. What is your favorite fruit?
    2. Do you like Godiva chocolate?
    3. What is your favorite kind of puppy?
    4.Do you like unicorns?

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