spring aesthetics

I know  a l l  my recent posts have had something to with spring but I love this season and it is coming so soon! here in florida we’ve had several cold days but mostly super humid/hot days that remind me of july 😦

b u c k e t s   o f   f l o w e r s 


w i l d f l o w e r s 


b o u q u e t s  


p i c n i c 


b i k e s 


r a i n d r o p s


j u m p i n g   i n   p u d d l e s


f l o r a l  d r e s s e s


AHHH now I wish I made one for kites! lol 

what’s your favorite aesthetic I made? do you like spring? 

🌻 let’s go fly a kite, christina 


11 thoughts on “spring aesthetics

  1. Yes I love floral dresses! But I don’t wear dresses too often so every time spring comes again I always have to buy knew ones as I grow! But funnily enough I’m really short!

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      1. oh no! I did something that I think might (hopefully, fingers crossed) have fixed them, can you let me know if you can see them now? xx

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