february update

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hey guys! much like last month this will just be a casual chatty post about february! ❀


  • Courtney is four months old and I CANT EVEN WHAT
  • i had a four day weekend this month which was much needed… and a four + three and a half day week soo that was amazing
  • I redesigned my blog and I love it so much! My old design by Mukta was soo cute but it was from a couple years ago and I just don’t think it fits “me” anymore… I have changed so much! if you are on the reader please click over to the actual site to see πŸ™‚
  • I read through Deuteronomy and am about halfway through Joshua which is right on track and was even further than I expected. I’ve been printing out the bible project pages and watching their videos and they are amazing. if you want to join the reading plan friend me on the bible app (christina snyder)
  • I cannot wait for spring break which is the 16th! its going to go by so quickly and ahhhh
  • we visited our cousins/grandparents/family this month which was really good! usually I come away from those visits feeling mehhh (even though I’m always really excited) but this time I felt so much better mentally after the visit if that makes sense?
  • as far as reading goes – I have been using the hoopla app on my phone and LOVE IT so much. I am currently reading the fifth avenue story society by rachel hauck and am about three-quarters of the way through. It is soo good and I love it/would recommend it. I think the only other books I read this month are the saturday night supper club and brunch at bittersweet cafe (both by carla laureano) and I loved them so much! if you get a chance just read them they are amazing ❀
  • MORE READING STUFF: my current tbr for this month is – I want to finish the fifth avenue story society of course, and I checked out a bunch of other books on hoopla. True to You by Becky Wade, the Printed Letter Bookshop by Katherine Reay, Love amid the Ashes by Mesu Andrews, The Lost Heiress by Roseanna White, How the Light gets In by Jolina Petersheim, and Live Original by Sadie Robertson in an audiobook. I definitely will not finish all of them but we shall see!

top three blog posts from this month

these are not as far as stats go but are my personal favorites πŸ™‚

some sunshine for your monday (ft. memes)

february playlist (ft. christian music)

spring outfit ideas

upcoming content

  • a playlist of the month
  • something about books
  • more spring//pinterest posts
  • i dont know ngl

let me know what you want to see! have you read any of the books I talked about?

❀ happy march, christina


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