current music favs (ft. my playlist) (also ft. disneyyy)

originally this post was going to be about christian music (lemme know if you’d be interested in that – it could be my next music post) but then I started listening to disney music and ahhhhhhhh why did I ever listen to anything else (k I’m kinda kidding bc I still love tons of other music) πŸ˜‚β€

colors of the wind (ft. pocahontas)

I’ll make a man out of you (ft. mulan)

a cover is not the book (ft. mary poppins)

reflection (ft. mulan)

shiny (ft. moana)

how far I’ll go (ft. moana)

mother knows best (ft. tangled)

someday my prince will come (ft. snow white )

a dream is a wish your heart makes (ft. cinderella)

what’s your favorite disney song? fav disney movie?


πŸ’• can you tell I love disney, christina


11 thoughts on “current music favs (ft. my playlist) (also ft. disneyyy)

  1. I’d totally be interested in a Christian playlist. You really should check out hollyn, Peabod and artists on the blssd YouTube channel, like mira p, TAYLOR MADE and Wande😁😁

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