happy mlk jr. day!

okayy so I have been working on a post for you guys that will be coming out on friday, but today I just wanted to pop in and say hi ❤

so… talk to me down below! how are you guys doing? any posts you want to see? random thoughts? book recommendations?

oh, and happy martin luther king jr. day!

 ❤ love, christina


5 thoughts on “happy mlk jr. day!

  1. Hi, Christina! *perks up at a mention of books* I recommend anything by Kate DiCamillo or Gary Schmidt, especially Raymie Nightingale and Okay For Now. 😀 What have you been reading lately? 🙂

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    1. hey, clara! I haven’t heard of those books but I will certainly check them out 😁 recently I reread little women (bc of the movie) and have reread a bunch of others like white sands red menace which is a favorite (though if you choose to read it it does have a bit of language 😬) thanks for the book recs, friend! 💕

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