my top 4 places to visit (ft. my dream vacations)

sorry for the super short post!! It’s been a busy week for me and also I will respond to your comments/put up new blog buttons ASAP ❀ love you guys!!

today I’m going to be sharing my top 4 places to visit (aka some of my dream vacations). picking them was really hard because oh my goodness I love way too many places πŸ˜‚

the swiss alps/switzerland


this is SO beautiful and by far my top place to go! the little village at the bottom just makes me so happy idk why lol.


honestly I really don’t know why but I literally love the country of Italy (the thing is I legit know nothing about it at all) I would love to visit – not just the touristy cities though! i’ve heard venice is terrible as far as flooding but I still would love to visit there ❀️ I also really want to learn Italian… for no reason aside from I just love italy 🀷


THREE DAYS IN PARIS ITINERARY (what you should see!) | solosophie

okayyy I know everyone and their mother and their best friend wants to visit paris and it’s so touristy but you cannot blame me I just want to see the Eiffel tower (and like everything else) and eat sweet food.


I would love to go to mexico! I’ve been learning spanish so it would be really fun. It would have to be real mexico though hahaΒ πŸ˜‰ I would love to speak spanish, eat some real yummy mexican food, and just hang out!

what’s a place you’d like to visit? bonus points if you live in one of the places I mentioned

❀ the thing is I hate airplanes, christina


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