reading my entire bible in 2019

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If you’re considering reading your bible cover to cover in a year (but have a lot of excuses) let me assure you that it CAN be done and,honestly, if you read just a little bit every day IT WILL!! 

if you’ve followed my blog for really any amount of time (I’ve mentioned it in pretty much all my monthly goals posts, haha) you may know that one of my 2019 goals was to read my entire bible (cover to cover, in that order). It seemed super overwhelming most of the time… but guys I actually did it!! And if you want to too, I’m here to tell you that you CAN and you SHOULD!

Today I’m going to be sharing why I think you should do it, how I did it, and some resources you can use to help you do it!

the why

there are SO many benefits to reading through your bible, but I didn’t really know that when I started. I decided to do it on a whim just because I thought I should (😂) but now I know that there are so many reasons to do it other than that!

01. knowing God better – reading and spending time in His word helps us see God’s power as he reveals himself through the Bible (this is a great reason!)

02. seeing how the whole entire bible points to Jesus – this is SO COOL. seeing how every story in the bible points to Jesus isn’t something I’d thought about before.

03. seeing how every chapter and verse is important – This kinda goes with the above, but every single part of God’s word is important. Sure, we all know that in our heads, but do we really know it? Even the seemingly tedious rules and laws in Leviticus and the confusing-ness of Revelation are important, even when we don’t realize it.

04. seeing God’s amazing plan unfold in his story – this also fits together with #2. Reading the bible just like a story with a sovereign plot unfolding was so cool and literally awesome.

05. experiencing God’s faithfulness – time and time again we see God’s people completely abandon him and forget about him, but does he do that? No! Even when they think he’s forgotten about them and left them to themselves, he faithfully shows up again and again. This is so important to remember in our own daily lives too!

There are so many more reasons to read your entire bible, and these are just a few that I really noticed this year. Every single one of these reasons should be enough for you to make plans to start reading your bible.

the how

this is where it gets interesting… there are so many ways to read your bible.

  • you don’t have to read it all in a year (you can go your own pace or read it in two) – aka timing
  • you don’t have to read it cover to cover (I can’t even touch on all the different ways to do this!) – aka order

I’m going to share how I did it, but just know that there are many other options and you don’t need to feel restricted to one of them. 🙂

timing – I set a goal of reading the whole thing in 2019 (aka 1 year). I knew I might not finish, but I had a goal that I really wanted to make!

just a little encouragement here – I read that if you replaced all your tv watching and mindless scrolling on social media with reading your bible, it would take less than three months to read through the whole bible. Honestly, I want to try it! So if reading it in a year seems crazy or impossible (you just don’t have enough time!) , maybe you should replace some of your tv-watching or phone-scrolling with bible-reading!

order – I decided the simplest way for me to do it was just reading my bible cover to cover (beginning to end, genesis to exodus). It required the least prep and I didn’t need to print out a calendar or chart with daily readings on it.

resources to help

01 – chart/tracker

Image result for dayspring habit tracker

I bought this habit tracker thingy from Dayspring last december for $4 (I think) because I wanted somewhere to track where I was/see my progress. It technically is supposed to clip into their illustrating bible or something like that, but it worked just fine for me by itself and worked well for its purpose. I think you could even mark it with a dry erase marker and use it over and over if you wanted!

02 – a notebook or journal

I would write down specific verses to meditate on sometimes or write down my prayers for the day/week. It was helpful, and while I didn’t always do it, I would recommend having some sort of notebook or journal to write things down in as you read.

These are super easy to find so I’m not going to include a link, but you can find them really anywhere from amazon to target to Michaels to Ross to Homegoods… literally anywhere!

03 – a bible (obviously)

I switched bibles around a lot but in the end I found one I really loved for reading my bible cover to cover.

ESV Reader's Bible (Summer Garden)  -

I got it as a gift (link – it’s currently only $11 which is a STEAL) and fell in love with it!

It’s called a “reader’s bible”, aka it doesn’t have any footnotes or references or verse numbers. This might be a little off-putting, but it’s actually awesome! It made reading my bible more like reading a (really good) book and there was nothing to distract me like footnotes/references. I would highly recommend giving it a try (click the link above – it’s on sale!) ❤

04 – a pen/highlighter/pencil/marker

basically, something to write with. Obviously not everyone will want to do this, but writing in my bible was something that I really enjoyed doing (in my journaling bible) and you should give it a try. It might not be for you, but you might fall in love with it!

o.o that was a bit long. well, hopefully you found something helpful in this post!

let me know if you give it a try in 2020 ^.^

❤just do it, christina



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