50 things I’m thankful for


This was soo hard to think of, but I felt like it was really good for my mindset and helped me a keep a positive outlook on things when they weren’t going so great, so if you haven’t tried it yet I would recommend it!! I took like 15-20 minutes which felt like forever but I loved reading over my very unique list!


Anyway, here’s my {thanksgiving inspired} 50 things I’m thankful for list!

  1. The lovely fall weather recently (sooo good!!)
  2. Music
  3. Old friends 
  4. new friends 
  5. Getting to beta read some amazing things lately!
  6. The smell when you make brownies
  7. Vanilla candles 
  8. Fresh flowers
  9. Autumn leaves
  10. Family ❤️
  11. Sweaters
  12. Strange Planet comics
  13. Scrunchies
  14. Hot chocolate
  15. YOU!!! 
  16. Quiet
  17. Waves rushing up on the shore
  18. Sunsets 
  19. Sunrises (not that I’ve seen many lately)
  20. Christmas is coming… 
  21. The best friends ever to laugh with, pray for (and with), and just be awesome together
  22. Pillows
  23. Books
  24. Camp NaNo (July)
  25. Calm. 
  26. All of your pictures from the Camera Challenge 
  27. Freedom
  28. Lotr (I’m weird ik)
  29. Oh and Narnia too because those books are the actual best 
  30. Memories 
  31. Blogging in general
  32. Life? Is that weird to say? 
  33. My new school (but also missing my old one)
  34. The most amazing cousins in the world 
  35. Thanksgiving break is coming up 
  36. and then Christmas break I can’t even but also exams so that’ll be fun
  37. I can see, feel, and hear (like wut have you seen the videos of people hearing for the first time ahhh my heart)
  38. No humidity so curls last forever and a day
  39. Church
  40. I’m not failing math (we’ll see how long that lasts)
  41. Kindness 
  42. Sunshine
  43. The wonderful and kinda crazy blogosphere
  44. Teachers (they can be hard to understand sometimes but they love us!!) 
  45. November because it’s an amazing month
  46. Mint tea
  47. Now I’m thinking all about food (chocolate!! And also strawberries!! And mango!! And everything unhealthy in the universe #dontjudge)
  48. I might make it through reading the Bible this year and I can’t believe it
  49. God’s amazing plan unfolding itself throughout his word 
  50. I can’t believe I’m at 50 (but my last thing is… uh… did I say Martin Legacy is out and it’s literally amazing go read it rn? Well, do! https://www.amazon.com/dp/1694867641?scrlybrkr=114ff598


❤ thankful, christina

current song: burn the ships

current read: rereading the lost girl of astor street and I’m loving it!!



19 thoughts on “50 things I’m thankful for

  1. Awww omg this title gives me nostalgia of the second post I ever wrote but this one is so much more personal and relatable. Like seriously my old one was just ‘YOU CAN HEAR AND THAT’S THE TEA’ Ommmmg that deaf people video makes me cry every single time! YES to new schools and God’s plan. I love this list so much – happy american thanksgiving!

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