I’m SO excited for this post today!!!! It’s two weeks late but I’ve been super bad about taking pics and the first time I took them was on Wednesday… o.0 oops!

first, here are some pictures!

2 1/2 weeks old!
3 days old 🙂

Forgive the not so amazing pictures (and the fact that there are only two…), I’m going to hopefully take some more soon but I figured introducing her sooner rather than later would be better.


her name is…

c o u r t n e y   r o s e  🌹

we had it picked out for SO LONG before she was born and tbh it was so hard not to share with you guys 🙂

she was born at the end of october – I got to see her a couple hours after she was born which was amazing!!

Emily has done a great job adjusting (there are a few extra tears, but overall pretty okay) to having a new baby sister and so have my other siblings. It feels like she’s been here for FOREVER!!

sorry for the short post but I don’t really have anything more to say *shrug*

❤ isn’t she the cutest, christina

current song: priceless by for king and country

current read: rereading sense and sensibility (tbh it’s my favorite jane austen book)

36 thoughts on “introducing…

  1. I want another sibling! When I told before that I’m having a baby brother that actually wasn’t true it was a lie. And I’m really sorry. I said that because I really want another sibling.♥️

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    1. It’s okay!! I prayed for my little sister emily (she’s three now!!) for eight years which felt like FOREVER. I hope you get another sibling!!


  2. Awww God bless!! So happy for you and your family. I’m such a grandma when it comes to babies and just want to carry them all so I was screeching while reading this. Congratulations! You’re going to be a great sister!

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