the camera challenge: week four

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I can’t believe this is the last week to send in your pictures! I’ve seen some really amazing ones so picking the most creative ones (if you remember, there’s a special award for some of them) is going to be really hard.

related post: introducing the camera challenge (contains info about the rules and prizes!)

participants/this week’s pictures

if you haven’t already, visit these awesome ladies blogs!

as a reminder, the prompts for this week were: confusion, calm, cozy, strong, and best friends 

This week, I included the descriptions that the girls sent with the pictures – enjoy!

Megan (a barefoot gal) – 51 points

Cailyn  91 points 

1 – best friends (a girl talking to her ultimate Best Friend) , 2 – calm (There is absolutely nothing calmer or more peaceful than a sleeping baby.), 3 – confusion (He looks so confused about why we keep trying to get him to look at the camera. XD), 4 – (I love this picture of my lil bro staring into the flames. Sorry, it’s a bit grainy.)

Cailyn also submitted an amazing photo for “strong” that she requested I not share publicly. I’m giving it five extra points though because the picture was so meaningful and awesome. I’m not going to describe the photo because I’m not sure if she’s okay with that, but if she’d like to she totally can in the comments 🙂 

Faye – 83 points 

1 – Confusion (This one is funny because I had to use my little brother’s toy, so I went to his room. My older brother was in there and asked me what on earth I was doing witha camera, a stuffed bear, headphones (I was listening to music) and a ukele. He was very confused…), 2 – strong (Here, Jerry and Frank are attempting to chop down the cactus), 3 – best friends (I’ve decided to name them Jerry and Frank), 4 – calm (There is nothing quite like the feeling of productivity.)five extra points because the photo is great!, 5 – cozy (Have you read Keeper of the Lost Cities? I highly recommend it.)

Kayla 25 points 

Ariana – 27 points 


this week’s prompts

here’s for the fun part – the prompts!

as a quick reminder – each submission (please email them to me at will be given five points automatically and up to five BONUS points for creativity or a great picture 🙂

let’s finish strong – this is the last week!

  1. sleepy

  2. mom

  3. afternoon

  4. something blue

  5. pumpkin

do as many as you want – but be sure to email them to me ( on or befoe november 1

(my family has started doing something called screen-free sunday, and I don’t have time to add your pictures on monday morning before school)

have fun,



6 thoughts on “the camera challenge: week four

  1. I am so excited about this week’s prompts! I already have a few ideas!
    Also, thank you for not sharing my photo of ‘strong’ publicly. I wouldn’t have had a problem if you’d said what it was, but no big deal, it was a photo of my Mom in labor with my adorable baby brother – Levi, because I don’t believe even the strongest man in the world could withstand labor. God created women perfectly to withstand the agonizing pain of labor; that is why I chose that photo for ‘strong’.

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