the camera challenge: week one

the camera challenge.png

I LOVED seeing y’alls pictures from this week!!! Those of you who submitted pictures did awesome ❤

related post: introducing the camera challenge (contains info about the rules and prizes!)

participants/this week’s pictures

if you haven’t already, visit these awesome ladies blogs!

as a reminder, the prompts for this week were: evening, laughing, raindrops, morning, and a child’s view

Kenechi –

Megan (a barefoot gal) – 31 points (5 for each picture and a bonus 3 for a child’s view – I love the idea, and a bonus 3 for laughing – the candid moment is awesome!)

1 – laughing, 2 – morning, 3 – raindrops, 4 – a child’s view,  5- evening

Cailyn  31 points (five for each picture and a bonus three for both the laughing picture and the morning picture because they capture the moment so well!)

1 – raindrops, 2 – laughing, 3 –  morning, 4 – a child’s view, 5 – evening

Arabella –

Faye – 28 points (5 for each picture and a bonus 2 for the child’s view picture – it’s so creative!


1- a child’s view, 2 – evening, 3 – laughing, 4 – morning, 5- raining

Kayla 5 points (one for each photo!)


1 – evening

Ariana – 27 points (5 for each picture and a bonus three for sunset picture because I LOVE IT!!)



1 (top left) – morning, 2 – evening, 3 – raindrops – 4, laughing, 5 – a child’s view

Isabel –

if you still want to sign up, I’ll let you 🙂 you can sign up until the end of the contest, but you can’t submit photos late (unless you have a valid excuse) 

this week’s prompts

here’s for the fun part – the prompts!

as a quick reminder – each submission (please email them to me at will be given five points automatically and up to five BONUS points for creativity or a great picture 🙂

this week, I decided to do more specific prompts – but still use your creativity – I loved seeing the different pictures people got!!

  1. group of three

  2. gardening

  3. words to live by

  4. hiking

  5. boredom

do as many as you want – but be sure to email them to me ( on or before october 19

(my family has started doing something called screen-free sunday, and I don’t have time to add your pictures on monday morning before school)

have fun,



14 thoughts on “the camera challenge: week one

  1. I was just thinking “oh, I wonder how much longer is left in that challenge” 😂 So sorry I forgot to submit-I was gone for a good chunk of the week and just haven’t had time! I’ll probably drop out at this point, but best of luck to the other participants, I loved seeing everyone’s photos!

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