2019 birthday harvest

2019 birthday harvest.png

my birthday was just a couple weeks ago and I had a great time with friends!! today I decided to share my birthday harvest (I picked that term up somewhere – not sure where but I thought it was a creative word to use instead of haul so here we go)


one of my friends gave me this adorable journal and I love it!! the watercolor background is so cute and I love the simple “be happy” on the front. 😍


these pencils are the actual cutest – they have little encouraging sayings on them and I can’t wait to use them!!


the contents of the package are *adorable* but can we just take a moment to appreciate the pattern on the package? like CUTENESS


I feel like having a cute place to write to-dos will help me SO MUCH (I mean, a girl can hope right??) and these are perfect!!


another journal 😍 I love the blush pink color!


okay I love the cover and what makes it even better is that my friend wrote a bunch of sweet/cute quotes/sayings inside and they’re the actual best


this copy of little women has the cutest illustrations and I’m so excited to have a new copy – I can’t wait to read it!!


one of my friends gave me notecards (perfect for thank you notes!!) and the BEST pen EVER, and one of the ladies at youth group gave me this awesome lip balm (it smells amazing and works really well so that’s a plus)


this pouch is the cutest and I was debating using it for either makeup or pens – makeup won and I’m loving a cute new place to put it!!

thanks to all my friends for celebrating with me!! love you all ❀

when is your birthday? have you ever done a birthday ‘harvest’ before?

❀ bye,



19 thoughts on “2019 birthday harvest

  1. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY CHRISTINA Wishing you a year of happiness,peace and blessings. The journals are nice but “The Little Women ” book with beautiful illustrations is a wonderful gift. Enjoy.
    Happy week end

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