happy birthday, christina and camera!!

you guys I actually can not believe that I’ve been blogging on christina and camera for TWO YEARS – where has the time gone?? it’s been a really fun two years ❤

I had these elaborate (and awesome) plans for a giveaway but I didn’t really have time  (mostly due to my procrastination so sorry) so today we’re just going to celebrate with a blog party!! It’s going to be AWESOME!!

also – shoutout to my VERY FIRST follower (this is after I changed from dolls by the dozen – huge shoutout to all the people who followed me then!!) – GRACIE! thank you so much girl!! ❤

so, here’s how the blog party will work –

I’m actually traveling when this post goes up so I won’t be able to put your comments in the post like I’ve done before 😦 but please do comment with your name and blog!!

I can’t wait to find some new blogs and I hope you guys can too!

What’s your favorite of my posts? How many years have you been blogging (if you do)?

❤ lots of love,


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