my september goals

September Goals.png

hey guys what’s up (the ceiling ofc)? time for the obligatory apology/explanation about how I’ve just been way to busy to post but IMMA DO BETTER and yeah.

but I’m definitely going to take advantage of our TWO (!!) days off because of Dorian and hopefully schedule lots of posts. fingers crossed 🤞

anyway it’s time for the monthly goals post yay! I’m not going to review August because I’m 99% sure I didn’t accomplish any of my goals. oops.

this month I’ll do better (LIES)


you guys probably have my goals memorized by now lol

  • eight glasses of water per day (I made the CUTEST water tracker and yeah)
  • study daily except for weekends
  • five blog posts – my original goal was ten but we all know that’s not going to happen
  • read ten books – and probably review them?
  • workout more (soo specific I know!!)
  • finish the book of luke


  • God + I
  • violin
  • study
  • workout (ofc lol)


sooo I’m trying a digital planner this month (we have ipads for school) and we’ll see how it goes. I spent like 40 bucks on my plum paper planner so I’ll be super sad if I don’t end up using it but it just didn’t really work this month y’know?

I really like how my digital bujo turned out but I’m not confident enough to share pics y’know? also I don’t know how to share it anyway.

events (things I’m looking foward to. or maybe not?)

  • my best friend’s birthday is this month YAY
  • and my birthday tooo YAY
  • the only other event I can think of is school. not yay.


if you have any blog post ideas for me PLEASE share them down below!! I have some but not enough to last a while y’know? so please share. thanks ❤️

❤️ bye,



15 thoughts on “my september goals

  1. happy early birthday! if you’re comf sharing, i would LOOOOVE to see your spread this month ❤
    blog post ideas:
    – tips and tricks about literally anything
    – high contrast photos of fruit floating threateningly in the night

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