back to school outfit ideas

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When this post goes up I’ll be at school (the first day!!). Right now I’m pretty nervous but also really excited. ❤ When do you start school?

yes I know I’m one of those really weird people who likes school haha. the thing is all school year I can’t wait for summer and when summer gets here (past the first week or so) I get really bored and can’t wait for summer. it’s weird 😂

ANYWAY. Today I’m going to be sharing some back to school outfit ideas 🙂 Obviously these are if you don’t wear a uniform (I will be) but I guess you could wear them anytime.

let’s get started!

This outfit is cute but super simple and I love how all the pieces are versatile and could be used in lots of outfits! This would be a great idea if you’re not really sure what to wear and need something quick. I would also totally wear this on the weekend – it looks super comfy!


back to school outfits


This outfit is (again) very simple and versatile! I love how you could add the cardigan if the weather was a little cooler or just leave it off. The bag is cute but I don’t really get why you’d need a tote bag for school 😂





I love the backpack 😂 but the whole outfit is cute. I would probably add a scarf or cardigan or something because I don’t love the outfit by itself – I’ve never been very into simple white shirts and jeans xD





I’m sorry that all these outfits are jeans and cardigans lol. But seriously this cardigan is awesome! I love how long it is and it looks so comfy.




This outfit is so simple and quick but it’s also so pretty! I like the little ruffle on the bottom of the shirt ❤







And one more outfit that’s pretty much the same as everything else xD. I really like the striped sweater but I probably wouldn’t wear the scarf… I’m not much of a scarf person 😂



I wouldn’t wear this like it is (the skirt looks really short) but if the skirt was longer I think it would be super cute!








I really like the skirt (button down skirts are so cute!) and the floral shirt looks really comfortable too. I definitely wouldn’t wear heels with this (heels to school is kinda a bad idea xD) – maybe some sandals in the summer or some simple flats?




And that’s it! Sorry that most of the outfits were jeans and cardigans 😂

Do you wear a uniform? If not, what do you usually wear to school (homeschool/online school – you too!)? Which outfit is your favorite?

❤ bye,






25 thoughts on “back to school outfit ideas

  1. I hope your first day of school is going well, Christina! 🤗💜 I love all of these outfits wow 👌🏼😍 I’m a scarf person in theory, because they look so great with outfits, but I don’t actually like wearing them haha

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  2. My sister wears uniforms, but my private school doesn’t require them––we just have a dress code! Thanks for putting together outfits that actually fit the dress code, YouTubers really be out here recommending off the shoulder shirts and bra tops…have they ever been to school? 😳

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