5 Golden Braids Blog Tour

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Today Hair We Go Again, the fifth book in The Bookania Quests by Kendra E. Ardneck is released!

🎉  Congrats, Kendra!
Today I’m going to be participating in the Five Golden Braids blog tour – this week, FIVE new retellings of Rapunzel will be released.

Check out this blog post on Kendra’s blog for a schedule of each book’s tour.

mini interview

Kendra E. Ardnek

How did you get started writing?
I picked up a pencil one day and now I can’t escape.
What inspired Hair We Go Again? I mean, obviously Rapunzel, but why did you choose her specifically?
I chose Rapunzel ’cause … this is where it fit. I’d established backstory for the tale way back in the first book of the series, and now I finally had a chance to make it the focus.
What is your favorite part of Hair We Go Again?
The scenes from Maryanne’s perspective or at least HAD Maryanne in them. She’s such a doll. And a handful. I don’t envy Robin and Eric…
I just had to pop in here and tell y’all that I 100% agree! Maryanne is the cutest and craziest kid ever and agg I love her so much! 😂



the review

This book is the fifth in a series. Since I hadn’t read the other ones, I got a summary of each book from Kendra. It was helpful having it, so I think I would say to read the previous books first.

I really enjoyed the book (guyss Maryanne is the BEST) and I would recommend it to everyone! It’s not hard to read/mature, so I think even an elementary school age kid would like it.

It includes a LOT of allusions to/parts of fairy tales which I loved. ❤]

Overall, I would give this book 4 stars – I loved it!


Are you going to read Hair We Go Again?


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