Camp Nano Update: Week Three

week one camp nano update (2)

EEP I really don’t think I’ll meet my goal this month – next week better be REALLY good!

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note: days seventeen and eighteen (wednesday and thursday) we had to travel out of town last-minute. I didn’t get any writing done at all 😦 (I mean, I didn’t bring my laptop, but… xD

day fifteen (monday, july 15) –Β Since we’re leaving tommorow afternoon, my goal is to get around 3K in (probably not going to happen but I can dream right?). If more, that would be great since I’m kinda behind.

Yeah that didn’t happen! xD

s u m m a r y:

words: 1,090 😦 (total:11,602)

chapters: started chapter nineΒ 

day sixteen (tuesday, july 16) –Β I got off to a good start by doing some outlining for the story, and made some major changes in the storyline πŸ˜‚Β While I didn’t quite get 1K this time, I was able to get enough work done to just barely cover for the missing days this week.

s u m m a r y:

words: 586 (total: 12,188)

chapters: worked on chapter nine

day nineteen (friday, july 19) –Β Today was… okay. It was a little discouraging as well because I’m pretty sure I’m not going to make my goal. But even if not, that’s okay!

s u m m a r y:

words: 838 (total: 13,026)

chapters: finished chapter nine

day twenty (saturday, july 20) –Β Today wasn’t great but I was glad that I made my goal of 700-800 words πŸ˜‚

s u m m a r y:

words: 758 (total: 13,784)

chapters: started chapter ten

day twenty-one (sunday, july 21) –Β I decided to stick an extra day in here because it was so good! Today was awesome – I actually think I might make my goal even though we have a trip next week too (I’ll tell you about it in next week’s post!)

s u m m a r y:

words: 4,823 (total: 18,607)

chapters: worked on chapter ten

week summary

s u m m a r y:Β 

words: 8565 (total: 18,607)

remaining: 1,393

chapters:Β nine and ten

It was a good week, and I think I might make my goal! πŸŽ‰

❀ bye,





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