Camp Nano Update: Week Two

week one camp nano update (1).png

This week wasn’t quite as good as last week but I was pretty busy… how was your week? (nano or not!)

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days eight and nine (monday, july 8/tuesday, july 9) – I was visiting family for the weekend (well, until Tuesday) so I didn’t write at all. 😦

day ten (wednesday, july 10) – I had high expectations for today, but it was really hard to get 1K in! I finally managed it and then quit writing for the day… what can I say?

s u m m a r y:

words: 1,020 (total: 7,212)

chapters: finished chapter six and started chapter seven

day eleven (thursday, july 11) – I got off to a good start but it was still hard to get my goal (1K) in. I did it, though!

s u m m a r y:

words: 1,056 (total: 8,268)

chapters: still working on chapter seven

day twelve (friday, july 12) – I wanted to get more than 1K today (preferably more like 2-3K) because I missed Monday and Tuesday, but… that didn’t happen. I did manage to get over 1K though and work on outlining/character bios! I started a notebook for the story and created bio pages for all the main characters.

s u m m a r y:

words: 1,171 (total: 9,439)

chapters: started chapter eight

day thirteen (saturday, july 13) – I decided to work on Saturday to catch up a little bit – it helped!

s u m m a r y:

words: 603 (total: 10,042)

chapters: worked on chapter eight

week summary

s u m m a r y: 

words: 3,850 (total: 10,042)

remaining: 9,958

chapters: finished chapter six – started chapter eight

It was a good week, even though I didn’t get that much done!

❤ bye,





24 thoughts on “Camp Nano Update: Week Two

  1. Awesome job, Christina! ❤️ Even though you may not have gotten as much done as you would’ve liked to, you’re still having a positive attitude about it, which will definitely help you to keep writing at a great pace. 😄🙌🏼💖 I’m proud of you!

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