CALLING ALL BLOGGERS: Get featured on Christina’s Convos

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Soo you know how I’ve been telling you guys to keep those tips handy? Well, now is the time to pull them back out!


If you’re a blogger and you’ve learned some things about blogging that you’d love to share, here is your chance!

I would love to feature you on my podcast, Christina’s Convos. It’s a podcast all about blogging, and any blogger, no matter how successful, can listen to it!

Note: Guys, it does not matter how many followers you have. If you have a lot, that’s great and you’re doing a really good job, but if you only have ten and you think you’ve learned something, you can still share!

Maybe I’d like to share some tips. How do I do it?

Great question! If you’d like to share some tips, there are two ways you can do it.

  1. You can comment below sharing all your tips (and a link to your blog if you’d like it to be shared!)
  2. You can contact me through my contact form (with a link to your blog!)

I don’t really think I have any good tips, though!

That’s okay! I’m sure you do, though 🙂 Sometimes when you’ve been blogging for a while, you forget what it was like at the beginning and some habits you’ve formed since then. If you think back, maybe you can remember!


Excuse me for the (very) short post! I’m looking forward to seeing your tips, though 🙂




17 thoughts on “CALLING ALL BLOGGERS: Get featured on Christina’s Convos

  1. NOTE: I didn’t really make this clear, but I will be sharing all the tips in one big podcast episode. if you’d like to be featured in an interview, I’d love for you to do that, but for now please just share your tips! Thank you 🙂


  2. Okay I’ve thought of a few blogging tips to share:
    1. Make sure you introduce yourself so that people know who the person writing the blog is, that makes me want to follow the blog if I know what kinda person is writing it, maybe even have a page about yourself

    2. Also get some advise about how to use all the tools on WordPress or whatever site you use for your blog (also let me know if you need any help learning about how to use the WordPress stuff, and I’m sure there are lots of other cool bloggers who would also want to help). I know I kinda had a wimpy site at the beginning because I did not know how to use the stuff (I self-taught myself over a period of a almost a year). It literally took me 9 months to learn how to make more than 1 page LOL XD

    3. Make some blogging friends. So sometimes it takes a while to make blogging friends (it took me about 10 months) but I had no experience so I want you to learn early. Blogging friends are important for staying motivated to keep blogging and they a lot of times help each other with advertising. A good way to make blogging friends is to just check out peoples blogs that you think are interesting follow them and actually comment on their stuff. Because guess what if you want a blogging friend don’t just follow someone. I like it better when people don’t follow me but they comment on my stuff and show interest than when they follow me but never comment on my stuff or show any interest. And that’s how a lot of people are. So yeah show interest and comment on people’s stuff and you’ll make friends.

    4. Have good graphics. So this one is hard for some people you don’t really know what to use for graphics right? So there are many things to do. Mostly what I do is use a website called Canva where you can make free graphic designs for anything! It’s pretty cool, you should check it out! Also you can use Paint or 3d Paint on your Windows computer if you have that but it’s not quite as reliable as Canva in my opinion anyway. Also if you don’t think you are very good at graphics or you want someone else to do it. I have a business of doing graphics for people (contact me if you need help with that). Also there are plenty of other bloggers who would love to help you with graphics as well!

    Anyway that’s like all I have to say. Man this was a longgggggg comment I feel like I’m making a post XD!! I am literally going to copy this and make a post on my blog because I like just came up with this! XD Anyway I hope that was helpful and that’s it! 😀 -Ezra

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  3. That’s a great idea! I’m totally tempted…I have four blogs, though, so be sure to pick one!

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  4. I’ve got some tips! My blog is 🙂
    1. What helped me best was to nail down a schedule and try to stick to it. You can keep it anywhere. In a notebook, on your computer, even in your head. Also, don’t be afraid to change it up if you need to! I know I’ve had to do that a few times. 😉
    2. Take advantage of the WordPress scheduling tool. This helped me *so* much. It’s awesome.
    3. Don’t be afraid to take hiatuses or skip posting days if you need to! 🙂

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  5. I think with Instagram and Pinterest, a sort of “aesthetic appeal” has formed. I’ve found that, especially in this day and age where everything is so fast paced, a lot of readers are quickly drawn to the “aesthetic appeal” of blog posts rather than its title or information. So for me, well-lit photos with basic backgrounds are more appealing than a darker photo with clutter in the background. This goes for the blog theme as well. If a theme has too much going on, it makes the reader feel a bit overwhelmed, as if they have to work to get to the posts they want to read. In this case, less is more. Easy on the eyes, easy on the mind. 😊

    My link:

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  6. Now I always link to this post when people ask for tips because even after a year blogging since then, those tips haven’t changed. I learned so much in my first month of blogging so for some of the smaller bloggers, I definitely recommend you pitch in your tips because to this day, I still stick to the ones I started with.
    Give it a read if you have time and maybe you can read a little bit off a couple tips. Love this idea christina!

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