Reacting to your assumptions about me!

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WOW. This was SO fun, you guys! Here are the assumptions/my reactions!

 note: I created a bonus episode on my podcast to go along with this (it’s basically an audio format of the post, except with some extra content) that I think you guys would love! check it out 🙂


You are smart- thanks!  I guess 😂

You are pretty- well, thank you! 

You want to be famous- I guess? I really don’t know!

You love music- Yes, I do!

You are easy to get along with- I hope so! haha

You are really short- tbh I don’t know if this is true. I’m 5 foot 3 right now so I guess I’m short 🙂
You aren’t good at science- Well, it depends. I have a 98/100 in science right now, but I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite subject. This year is my first year with the Apologia curriculum and I love it 😍. Haha. This is the first year I’ve enjoyed science!
You’ve been doing photography for three years- *calculates* yes, I have 🙂
You love blue/purple- I guess! I like those colors, but I wouldn’t say that they are my absolute favorites 🙂
You don’t wear jewelry much– ehh. I mean, I don’t really have much jewelry, so this is true. If I had more that I liked/was comfortable I would probably wear it more often!
You love swirly writing- I do! But I don’t like it to be overpowering 🙂
You have cute writing- I guess so. I’m working on improving it, so tbh idk.

You like horses.- Yes, I do!

You wear contacts.- I do wear contacts!

You like taking pictures of Emily- how would you know this? jk I know pretty much every single one of my photography posts is about Emily 😛

 You like the color mint green. – Correct 🙂

 You like lettering/calligraphy.- YES! I do 🙂

You wear glasses– yes! I actually wear contacts during the day, but I do wear glasses.

 You’ve been to other countries besides the U.S.- Actually, no! I’ve never been outside of the U.S. (Alaska and Hawaii, but they are part of the USA :P)

You are a tea gal, not coffee- true! I’m not a coffee girl at all 🙂

You are a music nerd– kinda! Depends on what you mean, haha. I like music, but I’m not super up-to-date on releases and stuff.

You really like horses and dogs! – I do!

You’re really good with little kids- I think I am… little kids are the best 😛
You love light colors- Yes. My favorite color is LIGHT!! Light pastels 😍
You really like flowers– Yes, I love flowers! They are a great example of God’s wonderful creation 😉
You like things to be neat and organised– yes, I do! I can’t work if it’s not organized, haha 
You’re good on computers– I know (and can figure out) how to do/work almost anything but pretty much anyone can do that. That’s what YouTube was invented for, amiright?

You’re a morning person- I used to be a night person for sure, but a couple weeks of waking up early made me a morning person! 😁
You do a lot of exercise- I mean, yes, but I should do more, haha!

You listen to country music- yes! I do! How do you know me so well? 
You’re shy at first, but chatty and enthusiastic around people once you get to know them- I am 🙂 I’m not very good about meeting people haha!
You’re favourite colour is green- not really? I like it, but it’s not my favorite!
You’re really smiley- I guess? I try to smile more often 🙂 
You have long hair (dark) – WHAT. How do you know me this well? You are correct!

I assume you love coffee – actually, no! I like the super-sugary starbucks tho… (I KNOW!!) 

I assume that you’re a night owl- I used to be! I guess I can kinda sorta do both? I can stay up late and wake up early, haha 😝 

I assume that you prefer movies over TV shows- yes, I do! Also, we don’t have cable tv so I don’t really watch tv shows.

I assume that you love Disney- I do like Disney! I don’t approve of some of the choices they’ve made but I really do like Disney 😂
I assume that you haven’t decluttered your closet in a long time- actually, no! I decluttered it last week 😜

I assume that you’re passionate about blogging!- I am passionate about blogging! Blogging is amazing 😍

You have freckles- Yes 😢
You’re over five feet tall- Yes, I’m 5 foot 3!
You despise brussels sprouts- Okay how did you know this? BLECK. 😂
Your bedroom is painted turquoise blue– It’s not (it’s not actually painted yet 😝) but maybe it would be if it was?
You have a crush on Tom Hiddleston- well, I had to google this person! Never heard of him before. But he is cute… 😂

Your family goes out to eat about three times a month- that’s probably about right 😉
You like donuts- I LOVE DONUTS… way too much!
Your bujo is a e s t h e t i c- haha yes it is 😂
You listen to Christmas carols in the middle of July- I sure do! 😃
Your bookshelves are sorted in color order– Yes and it looks so good!!!

You want to go to France eventually- I would LOVE to go to France!

You don’t like roller coasters- I do like roller coasters, but not too much!

You braid your hair– I try to (I’m probably the only person who can’t braid their own hair…)
You used to like Barney a lot when you were young- ehh. I didn’t really watch Barney when I was little, but I guess I would have liked it 😃
You’re something of a hopeless romantic- yes 😂
Your favorite super hero is Wonder Woman- YES.
You don’t like scary movies- I HATE scary movies… and many things scare me 😆

You’ve never read The Call Of The Wild- I never finished it… I got really bored halfway through 😂
You can paint quite well- I don’t paint that often but when I do I always enjoy it!
You know the capitols of all fifty states- In second grade…. maybe I do still? haha
You live in North Carolina- actually I don’t! I live in Florida 😁
You have a big backyard- I guess…
Your family owns a trampoline– Nope. I wish haha 😂
You’ve been ice skating at a birthday party- Yes, I’ve been ice skating and bowling on many third and fourth grade birthday parties 😜
Your favorite flavor of cake is chocolate with buttercream frosting- WHAT. Okay you know me so well…. YUM!!
You don’t like spicy food.– Correct! I don’t like spicy food.

You’re not into sports- I’m not really into sports, true 😄

Your brothers play ice hockey- They don’t… they would probably like it though!

Your dad graduated from Patrick Henry College- wow. this is oddly specific… but not true. Thank goodness- if it was, I would be seriously concerned that y’all are stalking me 😂
Your middle name is Elise- that’s a really pretty name, but my middle name is actually Raquel (spanish for rachel, my mom’s name😊)

Your favorite season is spring.- I love spring! And fall 😃

You’re on the shorter side.- heehee this is true 😉

Your favorite color is teal.- yes, teal is one of my favorite colors!
You like flowers.– I LOVE flowers 😃
You like cats better than dogs.- actually, not really! I’ve only had bad experiences with cats though!
You love little kids.– yesss little kids are the best!
You’re very organized and great at time-management.– I think so

You tend to have a lot of free time.– yes… though most of my free time is when I’m procrastinating 😂
You like pink- I like blush pink and pale pink, but not in-your-face pink or hot pink 😜

You’re good at singing.– I wish? I guess? I honestly don’t know!


also sorry about the weird spacing… for the life of me I can’t fix it! wordpress is being so annoying 😂


Thank you guys so much! This was so fun ❤



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