February Goals

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February is going to be a huge month for C & C (beware I’ll pretty much say this every single month in 2019… #sorrynotsorry ) and I’m super excited for it. Next week (on Monday, actually), I’ll be posting more about the fun new changes I have in store, but for now, I’ll be sharing my goals for February.


p e r s o n a l

01) Walk every day I’m probably (aka definitely) going to fail this one… but I want to try to take a walk every day.

02)  Read through Numbers I decided to read the entire bible in 2019 (halfway through January) and I actually JUST finished Genesis. If I want to stay on track, though, I need to read Exodus, Leviticus, and Numbers this month. Ahhhh! I really really need to do this but it’s going to be hard. .

03)  Journal every day I’m going to fail this. lol. I really want to do this, but I’m awful at journaling//keeping up with it. I honestly don’t love writing about my day , but I’ll probably make it a mix of gratitude, prayer, and, of course, writing about my day.


b l o g g i n g 

1)   Post every Monday and Friday You’ll learn more about this in Monday’s post, but I’m trying to post every week this month (and year)- twice!

2)  Send out emails every week I really need to use my email list… and figure out a way to integrate it with C & C.


Sorry that this post was so short.  I’m trying to post more often with less meaty posts (but not super short like this one )



15 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. Love your Bible reading goal I’m a little behind also but just read Exodus 8 today! I’ve found in reading the Pentateuch & History that 2-4 chapters/day allows you more of the story & helps maintain momentum. Enjoy & take heart to what you do read. I see something new every time thru the Bible. It truly is my daily food & I’m so glad you’re partaking of it👍

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  2. Best of luck on accomplishing your goals, Christina! I’d love to journal every day, as well, or at least as often as I can. It really helps me to stay positive when I record all of the good things happening in my life! ❤

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  3. I enjoyed reading this post. Girl you can do it. I’m studying the Book of Psalms. I started in the month of January. I wouldn’t say that my goal is to finish the entire Bible. I don’t want to just read. I want to be able to take something away from each study. So however long it takes, the Lord knows I’m trying to learn. Last year, I studied the book of Esther, Proverbs, John, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, Daniel. For the most part and you can also do a study with a friend which is always engaging and fun. I enjoy journaling but yes it can be a challenge. I’ve neglected one of my journals for a month and I felt so bad because I enjoyed writing in that journal but getting back to it. I’m trying to drink more water in this month and stay focused on my goals. Thank you for sharing this blog post Christina 😊✨

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