7 Things to do every Sunday to prepare for the week ahead

Who else feels like Mondays are crazy town? If you’re saying “Me!!” (I know you are) then this post is for you! Here are some of my favorite things to do on Sundays to prepare for the rest of the week. They relive a lot of stress.

One thing that I have struggled with is that it’s Sunday, the day of rest (for me as a Christian). However, even doing all of these things only takes around an hour or less and they’re honestly not that hard, so I don’t feel convicted about doing them. If you do feel convicted about doing these things on Sunday, then don’t do them! You can even do them on Saturday if you want.

  1. Prep to-do list/planner

An overhead shot of a person writing in a planner on a desk

This is super important for me. I like to do this by compiling a list of all of the tasks and their ‘due dates’ for that week, then splitting them up daily.

Time: 15 minutes (It honestly takes around 30 at first, but once you get into a pattern, it can come down to 15).

2. Do your laundry

This is also pretty important for me. I find that I can make my laundry last until Sunday, which means I only do 1 load a week, which is great! (I do my own laundry.)

Time: 20 minutes (For me, it takes about 15 now, but it didn’t used to, so I’m putting 20.)

3. Clean out your bag

My bag(s) collect a lot of trash and junk throughout the week, so this is an easy but necessary task.

Time: 3 minutes (I’m serious! This is SO easy but really saves time and stress in finding what you want.)

4. Clean + vacuum your room

I’m pretty good about keeping my room clean, but I have found that it helps to do a quick tidy of the drawers and vacuum it on Sunday. It really doesn’t take very long but makes it restful for the coming week.

Time: 10 minutes

5. Do some meal prepping

In my house, my mom cooks for our family, but I have to take care of breakfast and snacks. If you have the same situation or you cook for yourself, this is really helpful. I like to simply toss a few snacks + breakfasts into bags so that they are easy to grab. Honestly, I won’t eat breakfast unless it’s already prepped.

Time: 7 minutes (This is so easy!)

6. Prep outfits

Flat lay photography comprises of women's clothes, shoes, and a notebook in London.

I normally don’t prep outfits for the whole week or pick a certain day for my outfits. Often, I make 3-4 casual outfits and 1 nice one for easy grabs. This isn’t something I do everyΒ  week, but it feels so organized and prepared when I do.

Time: 5 minutes

7. Clean out your email

This doesn’t mean cleaning it for the first time, of course, but maintaining a clean inbox. It honestly takes no time at all!

Time: 1 minute


Actually, all of this adds up to 60 minutes (1 hour). So cool!

Hopefully these are helpful. I think they certainly are!



8 thoughts on “7 Things to do every Sunday to prepare for the week ahead

  1. I meal plan for our family so this is really helpful. Thank you!

    You know, I should start sectioning off my outfits. I always wake up and just throw something on. πŸ˜‚

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  2. This is awesome! I usually plan as I go, but I think it’s a really smart idea to plan at the beginning of the week so you’re more organized! This is such a wonderful idea, Christina! I think I’ll try it out! ❀ πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

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