June Recap + July Goals

Wow! Time has flown by. It seems like I just posted the May Recap + June goals post, but it’s already time to do another monthly recap + goals post.


June Recap

This Month’s goal recap:

  1. Use my bullet journal every day, with the exception of 1 day per week. Re-doing this one! ✖ It’s hard to admit it, but I didn’t do this one… again!
  2. Write 3 posts for this month. ✔ Check! I did do this one!
  3. Take photos on my  blogging break. ✔ Sure did!

I didn’t have many goals for June, but I did do 2/3, which is good!

This Month’s posts:

May Recap + June Goals


RATC Week 1

RATC Week 2

Back from Summer Break + Photos

I still posted 5 times, even though I was on break- what?

This Month’s stats

Note: I normally schedule posts ahead of time, so these aren’t going to be super accurate- sorry!

Total followers: 78

Top three countries:

America with 124 views

Australia  comes to a close second with 13 views, and

Canada gets 3rd place with 7 views.

Views: 155

Visitors: 67

Likes: 45

Comments: 46


July Goals:

  1. Prep posts ahead of time
  2. Send out a weekly newsletter 3 times
  3. Prep QTE posts ahead of time

Only 3 goals again 😦







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