May Recap + June Goals

Hi guys! Today is my recap of this month + my goals for June.

May Recap

This month’s goal recap:

  1. Use my bullet journal every day, with the exception of 1 day per week. ✖ I sure did not do this one… but I did get do this for the last half of the month. Hopefully I will be able to do this in June!
  2. Review my new planner. ✔ I definitely did this! If you haven’t checked out that post, go do that!
  3. Write 5 posts for this month. ✔ I posted 5 times this month… yay!
  4. Plan ahead 2 posts for June. ✖ Sadly, I did not do this one.  😦
  5. Clean out my desk and computer files from school things. ✔I did this one!
  6. Send out emails every Monday and Friday this month. ✔ I did this!

This month’s posts:

April Recap + May Goals

Bullet Journal Essentials (Video post)

Calico Critters Photoshoot

Blog Update (yet another video post)

Recent Photagraphy

My Plum Paper planner review

Yay, I posted 6 times this month! That’s past my goal! I also posted 2 other posts, but they are contest/giveaway reposts.

This month’s stats:

Note: I’m scheduling this ahead of time, so these might not be acurate… 😖

Total followers: 71 9 new followers in a month? I can’t believe it!!! WOW

Top three countries:

America wins with 257 views (not as many as last time)

Malaysia comes to a close second with 19 views, and

India gets 3rd place with 14 views. Again, Malaysia and India! That still amazes me!

Views: 313

Visitors: 105 1 less visitor that last time, lol. These numbers are staying pretty steady.

Likes: 94 Again, staying steady/

Comments: 47 Last time, I got 108. I’m not complaining at all, I promise, it’s just weird how the numbers are so different!

Those are this month’s stats. I think that this month was okay with the stats, but it’s been better.


May Goals:

  1. Use my bullet journal every day, with the exception of 1 day per week. Re-doing this one!
  2. Write 3 posts for this month.
  3. Take photos on my  blogging break.


Okay, about that blogging break…

Since it is summer, I think I’m going to take a little break from blogging this summer. I love it, but I don’t want to be pressured to post, if that makes since. I will be a little unpredictable this summer, lol, but I will try to keep getting things up for y’all.

I’m going to take an official break from June 4-22, which is about 2 1/2 weeks. I will try to get a post up at the end of the month telling you guys what I did during the summer (photos included!) and then I should be back on my regular blogging schedule for July on. If that’s too ambitious later on, I will let y’all know that my break will be extended!


Thanks so much for making my blogging experience awesome! I can’t wait to come back after the summer!



12 thoughts on “May Recap + June Goals

  1. I love your blog aesthetics,may i know how you created your name sign in the end?I wrote a june goals post on my blog too,and I love the idea of reflecting and sharing both what you did and didnt do.Keep writing,and Id love for you to check my blog out too<3


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