Doll Summer Diaries

Hey Guys! It’s Ava!


So Mom had the idea to do  a summer series. We will post weekly over the summer with a summer diary. Each one of us will get 1 or 2 turns. It’s the last week of homeschool for us, and our school stuff is super disorganized. Harper and Hannah are already done with their school, so Mom said they could go first. I’ll probably be last because Mom features me on the blog a lot.  So, Harper and Hannah are going together probably next week. Or even this week, maybe! Next will be Nora, then Stacey and Lane, and finally me! So that will be one month of summer series!

Note from Christina: Thanks to Christian Homeschooler, American Girl Fan, Delightful world of dolls, A barefoot girl, Rebcake, and Clara’s Craft corner for following my blog! All followers get added to the my favorite doll blogs page, so I’m doing that now. When I get 10 followers, there will be a giveaway, so PLEASE FOLLOW!

Thanks for reading,

Christina and the Dolls By the Dozen family!

6 thoughts on “Doll Summer Diaries

    1. Thanks Madi! I should get the first part up Monday- I’ve already taken the pictures but my family’s not allowed media on Sunday.
      You’re welcome! I really love your blog-hope that the next part of Heads Up is up soon!


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